UV light installation

UV Light Installation Harbor Bluffs

UV lights are Installed directly into your central air system, which assist in cleaning air throughout your home or business. At DNA Air Duct, our UV light installation services will eliminate microbes and odors as air cycles repeatedly throughout your HVAC system. UV products ensure that the air you breathe is purified and fresh, extend the life of your air system and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

While conventional filtration are effective against particles like dust, products like Fresh-Aire UV light and Blue-Tube UV are proven to sterilize biological contaminants such as mold, germs and viruses in the air and on air system surfaces. Additionally, they assist with better energy efficiency, and an increased airflow. These lights are safe to use and proven to be effective at cleaning up your air.
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At DNA Air Duct, we believe in honest and transparent service. Throughout the course of our work, we ensure to keep the homeowner fully informed. It is important for us that the homeowner feels a part of the project during every step of the way.
Our technicians are patient and friendly and are willing to answer any questions or concerns that the homeowner may have.
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